Is it free to get help?

Yes. Homework Hotline is free, thanks to our wonderful sponsors:

  • Care Foundation of America
  • Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund
  • Nissan
  • The Memorial Foundation
  • Dollar General Literacy Foundation
  • The Scarlett Family Foundation
  • Sonic Drive Ins
  • Fox17
  • MyTV30
  • CW58
  • Metro Nashville Public Schools

Who are the teachers?

We have Nashville school teachers, retired teachers, college students, and some really great high school volunteers. 

Is there a time limit?

Nope. Take as long as you need.

Can moms and dads call? 

Sure, we love parents. Most of us are parents, too. We know how hard homework can be. 

Do you take questions by email?

No, but there are other programs that do. Try AskRose in Indiana. 

Can I call more than once?

Sure, call as often as you have a real homework problem. 

Can I call from anywhere in the United States?

No, this is a program for Tennessee students and parents. 

Do you have my book?

If you go to school in Tennessee, we probably have your book. 

Will you read me the problems or the spelling words?

No, sorry. Try a friend or the library. Some of your books are online. 

When are you open?

Monday through Thursday, from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm, CST.
We open the second week of August and close the third week of May. 

Can I get help in honors or AP classes?

Sure, we have some really smart teachers here. 

How about help in special education classes?

Sure, we have really smart and kind teachers here. 

How about Spanish?

Yes, we can help with your Spanish homework or help you in Spanish with other work.  We also have Arabic, Kurdish, Somali, and Swahili speakers.