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Summer is Served

Ice cream, barbecue, and picnics-- all yummy things served during summer, but wouldn’t it be nice to do some serving yourself?


As summer days slow down, you may find a lot of free time on your hands. Take advantage of this time and teach your child about the importance of community service. As they learn new skills in their volunteer experiences this summer, watch as those skills transfer to their everyday activities during the school year.

Generosity begins at home. Children who volunteer at a young age are twice as likely to continue volunteering as an adult. For middle and high school students, volunteering can provide real world organizational and people skills needed for a lifetime.


Many times children are able to combine volunteering with a few of their favorite interests. Check out some of our favorite ways to give back to the community:


  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Participate in your community garden
  • Seek out intergenerational music programs at nursing homes
  • Help out at a rescue mission
  • Organize a donation drive for your favorite charity
  • Put together a neighborhood or park clean up
  • Raise money for your favorite charity through bake sales
  • Get involved with your favorite nonprofits
  • Deliver meals through a Meals on Wheels program
  • Volunteer at a food bank
  • Donate unwanted toys, clothes, and items to a local charity

Two search engines that can help you find community service opportunities in your area are Volunteer Match and Idealist.

Here at Homework Hotline, we are always looking for high school volunteers to help us around the office. If you or your child would love to volunteer at Homework Hotline this summer or take calls during the school year, email us at or apply here.

We hope you have a happy summer spent making our community a better place.


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