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Turn Gaming into Learning: Educational Websites and Games Your Kids Will Love

You haven’t had a childhood until you have died of dysentery. The Oregon Trail is just one of the many games Homework Hotline believes is an excellent way to learn while gaming.

Long gone are the days of Go Fish and Duck, Duck, Goose. In today’s age of digital technology, many kids spend time attached to a mobile device or computer screen playing interactive video games at some point in their day. In moderation, our kids’ attachment to this technology can be beneficial, especially if it relates to their education. There are many online resources and mobile apps that can help keep your child’s brain active over the summer.

Here are 10 of Homework Hotline’s favorite educational games and websites for kids:

Oregon Trail: Oregon Trail has been updated several times since its conception in 1971 and the updated version of the game still teaches children about an important period of time in American history through an interactive role-play. Hitch up the wagon and share with your kids the joys (and woes) of the Wild West.

PBS Kids Games: PBS has highly interactive educational games on their website making learning fun with all of their favorite characters from Arthur to Clifford the Big Red Dog and Word Girl.

National Geographic Kids: Let your child explore their sense of wonder on National Geographic’s website for kids with high quality content and games.

Fun BrainThis website has math, grammar, science, spelling and history games but also offers a very neat Reading Center with e-books for your child to read. They also have a Mom and Kid’s Playground where moms can monitor and play online games with their younger children.

ABCyaLet your kids play online on a website you trust. This award-winning website has games for grade levels K-5 developed by certified technology education teachers.

Dan Russell-Pinson: Dan Russell Pinson is the President of Freecloud Design, Inc. and the creator of popular educational games like Stack the Countries, Presidents vs. Aliens, and Monster Physics. Among his treasure trove of games, Pinson combines quirky graphics and strategy for players to learn neat factoids about geography and US presidents. Games can be found on his online blog here or in mobile app stores.

Habitat the GameIt’s never too early to teach your child about caring about our planet. In this environmentally friendly game, your child can adopt a virtual polar bear and see first hand the effect human consumption has on our planet and its other inhabitants and how we can do our part to fix it.

Number Run: Remember the wildly successful game, Temple Run? Number Run has the same concept, but with math problems. Your child can help a Panda escape a bully by solving math problems at a fast pace. This game is great for preparing your child for timed math drills.

BrainPop Jr.’s Movie of the Week: In this shortened version of Brain Pop’s successful movie quizzes, users can access a free 3-minute video each week where viewers are asked questions about the content afterwards.

Sight Words for Reading: For those just learning to read or giving a head start to baby Einsteins, this game helps children memorize the most common words in children’s literature to jumpstart new readers or improve developing readers.

We hope you and your kids have a ball playing all of these educational games. Make sure to call us during the school year with all of the fun things you learned.



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