Schedule A Tutor

Is your child falling behind in a specific subject at school or has he/she missed an important concept that is causing current homework to be an issue? Scheduling a tutor may be right for you. With scheduled tutoring, you select a specific night and time during the week for a tutor to give your child a call. With the materials you provide (worksheets from school, online worksheets, teacher given practice, etc), the tutor can help review and help your child master difficult concepts that his/her teachers may not be continuing to cover in class.

Homework Hotline is open Monday through Thursday from 4pm-8pm central time during the school year.* If your child needs help on nightly homework, there is no need to set up a consistent tutor. He or she can call us for help any night of the week between 4pm-8pm.

*Please note: Homework Hotline follows Metro Nashville Public School’s calendar. If MNPS is closed, Homework Hotline will be closed.