Your donation will make a huge difference. 

Our goal for the 2019-20 school year is to raise $150,000.

This will help provide 15,000 free tutoring sessions to Tennessee students.


Students who get the help they need, when they need it, are more likely to stay engaged in the classroom.  A student who returns to school having missed an important concept feels discouraged.  That student may then miss all the next skills because the underlying concept was never mastered.  Imagine adding fractions if you don't understand finding equivalents.  Try and write a good sentence if you had never learned verb tenses. 

When a child fails or misses an important skill, there are frequently few opportunities to catch up.  That academic failure is the largest cause for becoming a high school dropout.  We need all students to have the opportunity to graduate.  When they do, students: 

  • Earn higher incomes

  • Are less likely to require public money for healthcare or welfare

  • Are less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system

Nationally, keeping students from failing pays an enormous dividend. Reducing the dropout rate would save taxpayers nearly $90 billion each year.  That’s close to $1 trillion after 11 years. Talk about an impact. 

How far will your donations go?

$10 = ONE tutoring session
$20 = TWO tutoring sessions
$100 = TEN tutoring sessions
$250 = one phone line for a year
$500 = 50 tutoring sessions
$1000 = 100 tutoring sessions
$3500 = 350 tutoring sessions


Give a donation of any amount to help support free tutoring to ALL Tennessee K-12 students and their parents/guardians.

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More ways to donate!

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