Closing Out 2018-2019 School Year

Greatly surpassing goals this year, Homework Hotline teachers provided 11,731 sessions total to 6,314 students and their parents/guardians. This equals 3,780 hours of FREE tutoring during the 2018-19 school year. Hotline is grateful for its teachers and supporters, because without them, Hotline couldn’t exist.

Thank you to all our our 2018-19 teachers.
Which ones have helped you this school year?

  • Moses Aluoch

  • Samuel Antanyous

  • Michael Ballentine

  • Jessica Bolus

  • Elayne Byrd*

  • Jeremy Carr*

  • Erin Cochran

  • Rhonda Cunningham

  • Fern Dantzler*

  • Tanya Dolman*

  • Judi Fox

  • Thomas Good

  • Katelyn Hadder

  • Richard Hatfield

  • Pamela Hoffmeyer*

  • Ned LaBonne

  • Erin Luster*

  • Stephanie Marlin

  • Whitney McCraney*

  • Jamie McLemore

  • Alyssa Niemiec

  • Aaron Nuell

  • Jonathan Parrish

  • Patrick Phoebus

  • T’Challa Pollard*

  • Emma Poppe

  • Ahmed Ragab

  • Peyman Rajai

  • Sadia Sharif

  • Meenu Sinha

  • April Smith*

  • Ashley Smith

  • Allen Stark

  • Yesenia Ubaldo*

  • Stacy Wamble

  • Cheryl Westberry

  • Dee Dee Witt

  • Larry Wilkinson

    *Shelby County Schools

2018-19 numbers


Out of 11,731 sessions.

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As mentioned, Hotline can’t do what it does without generous supporters like you. $1, $2.50, $5, $10, or more all provide the resources we need to pay out certified and retired teachers. It also helps Hotline’s phones and website stay on, allows staff to visit counties, and so much more. Think about the price of your morning coffee, having lunch with friends, happy hour drinks, or that impulse buy at the grocery store. With even a small amount, you could help a student without access to private tutoring get the help they need through Homework Hotline.

How can you help Hotline this year?

From the Hotline staff to you, we wish you a safe and happy summer! We’ll be back on August 6, 4pm CST!